the tree is the Giant Tree in the Visualisations that blocks the path of the motorway through the valley

the four roots are the four provinces that grow into Tara

the two wings are the Eastern , Hindu and Buddhist

..and the Western - Native American  - traditions .....that keep the protest steady - Spiritual - peaceful - and on course

- in Sanskrit -
" Tara " means " the Star " - especially the Pole star
 " the pupil of the eye "
                           and " the way across "

and the hope is for a Vision that will have strong roots but will lift on strong wings

following the Star

and with the Eye of the Heart




Downloads for transfer printing - already reversed - sized and rotated

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here are instructions -

... am working on a picture of the Grey Mare   - if anyone else has any artwork they would like to suggest for Tshirts etc- then send it to me -  and I will link to it or post it on this page