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text of Legal Challenge Meath Master Plan "the Green Man writes-"      
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Poem - the Heart of Ireland

"S.O.S for Tara " 
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TARA:  Legal challenge launched

details - 

TARA: alternative - Meath Master Plan launched    

 31st August  2007
the  Meath Master Plan Unveiled !!!!! brilliant !!!!!
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Great pictures from the Love Tara  march in Dublin
15th sept  -

pictures -    

TARA: Hundreds of HARPERS will gather at the Dail  
22nd sept  2007      




Aerial Art   - short notice but many bodies needed to write Save Tara across the valley and be seen from the sky !  - also to make the shape of a harp

23rd september  2007     - wear WHITE  -
 bring something waterproof to sit on ....                    

details -      

 Urgent     15th Sept - Heavy machinery has been working near Lismullin attempting to re direct the Sacred Gabhra River. Protestors have been successfully holding them off for hours at a time delaying the desacration

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Tara Photos


....and updates of above happenings  ....







Click for the story so far  - written by Fionnuala Devlin
4th August 2007


Click for " The looming food crisis
Land that was once used to grow food is increasingly being turned over to biofuels"
-written by John Vidal
August 29, 2007




Statement from the Tara 4 in Cloverhill prison for obstruction and refusing to accept the bail terms which were to stay away from the sites and not to encourage others to join the protests


Click for poem
The Heart of Ireland


Click for other writing -


Click for the GreenMan's report from the protest
friday august 24,

 and TaraOak picture-



Click for Teamhair/dryad  picture
- and text of New Legal Challenge

wednesday august 29


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SOS Direct Action leaflet



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Save Tara

  The main campaign site - a fantastic resource - also a blog and a yahoo group .

    Please sign up to the Yahoo group - this is where much discussion takes place -



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Site for the Legal campaigns - separate from SaveTara  but  both do good work    - so keep an eye on both websites -




Independant news - enter " Tara " in the  Search box at the top right hand corner of the page

http://www.indymedia.ie/article/83475    Help Tara now-  


or Click below  for list of Indymedia articles

Protect tara

 the International site - based in Gemany

probably the easiest explanation of the backgound and what is going on - PLEASE sign their petition ...


University of Galway site   very good maps and links


M3 archaeology    The official archaology site - a lot of information and maps of each archaeological site along the route


Tarapixie's Activist Site

Videos and - much more -   


Sacred Ireland being renovated - home of the Meath Park Plan


   This site here is dedicated to Tara in all her aspects -  its not a campaign site - as such - and not official in any sense - just a place for putting poems - artworks and thoughts connected somehow with Tara

  - also for archiving good lettters etc which would otherwise disappear without trace

                  - please send me any material you would like put on the site or for it to link to   - send to anitagreg@gmail.com

                                        I cant say it will get done immediately - but it WILL get done  

                                                                        best regards and love and light      -+- marcella

ps -but  if anything looks REAlly strange 

or is written all in capitals - unless its by Carmel  - it may go in the Alien tray    

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ALSO - please tell me if there are any problems with this website - facts wrong - pictures not showing up or something like that ....    




the Vigil

A fire was lit a year ago at the Summer Solstice and has been tended ever since .


The Vigil Website has not been updated recently - hopefully soon will be -- but the Vigil people ARE most definitely still there ...   
and going out every day to peacefully stop the earthmoving equipment from destroying more of the sites 

But they desperately need more people as those there are strong and determined  and wonderful people - but at the edge of exhaustion -

also food , firewood , cameras , simcards , rechargable batteries , waterproofs , wellingtons , tarpaulins ,  clean dry socks , phone credits , money for petrol  etc etc

                                 But it is a wonderful , magical and inspiring place to be


Carmel and Amy have set up a Paypal donation account  - giving directactiontosavetara@gmail.com   as the payee - this absolutely  DOES go straight to the people on the Vigil and is DESperately needed

The Vigil phone number -   086-1758557

  - which is 0035386-1758557 from outside the Republic of Ireland     


Tara Solidarity Vigil
We are a non-hierarchical peoples' solidarity vigil, here in support of local people and all individuals and groups in the campaigns to Save Tara. We are adamant in our non-affiliation with any particular political or religious parties but welcome any friends of Tara to the sacred Vigil Fire, which has been burning continuously since the Summer Solstice, 21st of June 2006.

  click for more information about the Vigil and How to Get There





--CD released !!!!---          
  !!!!! briliant !!!!!!  - thanks to Seano - whoever designed the fantastic cover - and everyone on it  - of course !          
details from-------                






Also Liam O'Maonlai and Steve Cooney (from Australia)
and the wonderful Laoise Kelly have released their
Song for Tara as a free mp3 at



..... protests are ongoing and all are welcome at the Vigil fire - there is also 
a camp at Rath Lugh to keep an eye on the woodhenge at Lismulllin so that it is
not bulldozed in the middle of the night as happened at Baronstown

click HERE for details and how to get to the Vigil










Archive of Letters

head 2 head


responses to a TV debate asking the question " should the M3 be rerouted ? "

        many interesting letters


Meath Chronicle

  A Councillor in Navan complains about the Vigil -

some illuminating background and great responses



old letter from Thomas Davis - 1844- about the prospect of a road through Newgrange ....


  letter from Kathy Sinott MEP to John Gormley


letter from Philip Cantwell -  Independent Councilor -Meath


please note - ALL newspaper articles and letters to the papers on the subject of the threat to Tara are archived on the CST website -    these are just a few recent ones that I liked  ; )

      - feel free to suggest any others -



and it IS worth writing letters to the newspapers -

Even if the letter is not published it will count as it shows there is public interest in the subject and this will influence the Editor in what stories the paper will run


                    Click below  for list of addresses from the CST site - probably more than anyone will use ...






"On a clear night Tara must be able to see the stars."

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