The construction of the M3 motorway and subsequent destruction of the Tara Valley is happening NOW!

Why are you waiting for someone else to do something about this?


‘If not you, then WHO? IF not now, then WHEN?’


Activists have been protecting the valley and successfully stopping work on important sites from 6am until 7pm over the last 3months. We need your help.

What can you do?

Direct Action- all you need is a questioning attitude and be able to think for yourself! It requires you to act yourself in a way that addresses the problem we are confronting.. ~~~~~ Only ever Peacefuly  ~~~~~

1. Come to TARA+ Join the activists- show your support by being present at the sites or getting involved in direct action. Any amount of time is welcome – an hour/day/week.

Many protesters have experienced no violence from security or police but if you are not comfortable with direct action there are other things you can do.

2. Be a legal/action observer- this is a very responsible position, direct action is not a spectator sport. Bring your camcorder/camera. It is important for -showing another side of the story

-media work: do something useful with footage (indymedia)

3. All skills needed: driving, cooking, woodgathering. Come and camp on the hill- bring tent, waterproofs, wellies etc

4. Voice your objections- phone, fax, email companies involved in this travesty. Tell them how you feel, clog their lines. Spread this idea!

SIAC Ireland: Tel (01)4033111 Fax(01)4033222

5. Spread the word- tell people, copy this leaflet+pass it on. Email your local TD, newspapers,radio. Email our minister of environment John Gormley at

6. All donations welcome- time, food, legal advice, financial, moral and spiritual support. Everything from mobiles, carphone chargers,CBs etc

7. There is a SACRED FIRE at the vigil camp. Come do some energy work- all healing energy needed. Remember Tara and the surrounding valley in your healing groups

8.  Log onto Tel 086 1758557