I used three maps - using a star map downloaded from the internet and putting it over a Google map of Wessex with the end star of the tail of the Plough ( Ursa Major ) onto Nyland and rotating and resizing it until the pole star was on Pilton

this the first one ( click on it for full size version)

" Nyland used to be called Andrewsey and it is the furthest of the seven holy islands from Glastonbury.
 John Michell's book 
New Light of the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury, includes a chapter on the seven islands and the extraordinary fact that their physical configuration is very similar to that of the seven stars in the constellation of the Great Bear.

it was  pointed out by Alan Royce that if these seven islands marked out the Great Bear then the end of the tail of the Little Bear -  aka the Pole Star - would land on Pilton


then I realised I needed a bigger area of Wessex so I redid it with a  map of a less detailed scale 

the is the second one
 ( click on it for full size )


that was fine
 but the stars only went out to the Celestial Equator - so no good for the likes of Scorpius - so I found another star map

so this the third one ( click on it for full size )

  they don't match up exactly - partly because the two star maps use slightly diffent projections but also perhaps I didnt get them exactly right but they do nearly 8 )
..... someone with more patience would probably make a better one

hey ho , I got more interested in the stange places it took me ......