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Wells is the smallest city in the Uk except for the City of London

Speleology ( caving )

Herbert E. Balch

From Wikipedia,
Herbert E. Balch
Born 4 November 1869
Wells, Somerset
Died 27 May 1958 (aged 88)
Wells, Somerset
Occupation Archaeologist, Speleologist,Geologist, Naturalist

Herbert Ernest Balch (4 November 1869 – 27 May 1958) MA FSA was an English archaeologist, naturalist, caver and geologist who explored the Mendip Hills' underground labyrinths and pioneered many of the techniques used by modern cavers. Due to his success in later life there is now a street, Balch Road, named after him within the city of Wells.

Early life

Balch was born in Wells, Somerset on 4 November 1869, and gained a scholarship to The Blue School in Wells. He left school at 14 and became messenger boy at Wells post office and then working his way up to postmaster.....


Balch conducted excavations in conjunction with the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society such as Chelmscombe Cave in Cheddar Gorge. The most famous site that Balch excavated was Wookey Hole Caves,[3] where he led excavations of the entrance passage (1904–15), Witch's Kitchen and Hell's Ladder (1926-1927) and the Badger Hole (1938-1954)

Balch was a member of caving clubs such as the Wessex Cave Club. He was a serious speleologist and often made ten-hour trips wearing cloth cap, old suit and tie.

Balch Cave nearStoke St Michael is named after him.

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