Leo Minor

  The Glastonbury Zodiac

Katharine Maltwood sees the Lion


our vehicle suddenly and mysteriously took a self-guided detour off the main road into a little village called Chilton Polden. The driver, me, was certain that this was the home of Katharine Maltwood when she first discovered the landscape zodiac effigy of Leo the Lion, while peering out of the upstairs window of her home!

The other members of our tour thought I had completely lost it and Zia reminded us that her home was called Chilton Priory. Certain I was right, I continued into the village where we accosted one of the locals who indeed confirmed that Chilton
Priory was actually in Chilton Polden and we had just
passed it! We were there and experienced the very place where all of this began-incredible good fortune!!!!!



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