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Thomas Coryat

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Replica of Thomas Coryat's shoes in Odcombe church.

Thomas Coryat (also Coryate) (c. 1577 – 1617) was an English traveller and writer of the late Elizabethan and early Jacobean age. He is principally remembered for two volumes of writings he left regarding his travels, often on foot, through Europe and parts of Asia. He is often credited with introducing the table fork to England, with "Furcifer" (Latin: fork-bearer, rascal) becoming one of his nicknames 

His description of how the Italians shielded themselves from the sun resulted in the word "
umbrella" being introduced into English


Coryat was born in Crewkerne, Somerset,and lived most of his life in the Somerset village of Odcombe. He was educated at Winchester College from 1591, and at Gloucester Hall, Oxfordfrom 1596 to 1599. He was employed by Prince Henry, eldest son ofJames I as a sort of "court jester" from 1603 to 1607, alongside Ben Jonson, John Donne and Inigo Jones.

Thomas Coryat

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